Seeing Things From a Different Height

A trip to Mount Tabor was a nice trip for a Saturday


David P Smith

5/26/2021 2 min read

July 7, 2018

Since it is Saturday and my time in the clinic starts on Monday morning, I decided to visit Mount Tabor today. I first went to the hospital emergency department which serves as the call center for us to call a cab. While standing there, this very sick young lady came in with who I assume was her mother and sat down, but quickly started acting delirious and then fell out of the chair in which she sat onto the floor. She was unconscious, but I managed to pick her up and put her back into the chair before everyone got busy really quickly and had a wheelchair around there before whisking her away to the back area where the staff awaited. After that excitement, the taxi showed up and off I went.
The cab driver was an Arab man who told me during our discussion on the way that he actually lived in Alabama, of all places, until he moved here to take care of his elderly father who lives here. He stated that he was a Christian and we enjoyed getting to know one another; he told me he loved America and wished he was back there!
When we got to Mount Tabor, I got to talk with the monk of the Franciscan Monastery there and even though we did not have a common language that each knew well, it was easy to tell he was a brother in Christ.
After coming back to the hospital campus, I went to the cafeteria and had a simple meal of plain potatoes, tomatoes, and a small serving of tuna. They don’t feed you here like in Mississippi. I am used to lots of hot spices and can’t find anything readily around here more than salt and pepper. After eating, I walked around the hospital a bit learning where the various clinics and departments are located.
The evening was spent visiting with Grant, who is in Iraq, and then with Autumn and Haylee in Missisippi, via an app on my phone that enables video and audio so we can see and talk with one another. Isn’t the internet and technology amazing?
Tomorrow I will be going to a local church in Nazareth and then relax before going to chapel service here on hospital campus. Then Monday awaits!
Have a great day!​

Grape Vines in Nazareth Village