Our current ministry projects:

SERVE Nazareth hosted the 2015 Walk the Jesus Trail fundraiser to raise funds for the projects that SERVE Nazareth does in Nazareth, Israel, as part of The Nazareth Trust.  The St. Pantaleon Foundation started with this as our initial project with total funds raised for SERVE Nazareth being $6,507.00; 100% of this money was sent to The Nazareth Trust.  Dr. David Smith and Autumn Smith traveled to Israel and participated in the fund-raiser hike of over 65 kilometers from Nazareth to Capernaum; other hikers from Pennsylvania, Scotland, England, and Ireland also hiked with them along with a guide.  The Smiths covered their travel expenses and other costs of the trip with personal funds and no funds raised were used for their expenses. 

Our next trip is planned for the summer of 2018 when patient care, medical education, and general support of the Nazareth Hospital is being planned.  You can learn more about the Nazareth Hospital and its history by watching this video.

2016 Updates:  

1.  We are currently coordinating with an Israeli hospital and the government for our next trip which we are hoping for in 2017-18 and then at least yearly trips. Pray for us as we plan, for those we hope to help, and for those with official capacity in Israel to allow us to help others there. We will update as we get new information.  

2.  We donated two exam tables and a rolling cart to St. Andrews Mission's Free Medical Clinic in McComb, MS, in October 2016.

2017 Updates:

1.  Dr. Smith has enrolled in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and started modern Hebrew language courses in February.  

2. A video interview with the medical director and medical advisor of the Nazareth Hospital was held in April as first steps toward getting approval to get work started with the hospital and arrange for projects that will benefit the people served by the hospital.

3. Dr. Smith traveled to Miami, Florida, in August to get official medical documents notarized at the Israeli consulate there.  It was a difficult trip to get to Miami as Hurricane Harvey was active right at that time.  After a long trip in a hurry to get back to the clinic for work, the needed documents were obtained.   These documents were mailed to the Nazareth Hospital.  Upon arrival, the documents were translated into Hebrew and all of the documents were put into a packet forwarded to the Israeli Ministry of Health. 

4. On 12-28-2017, we learned that the medical license had been granted!  We are awaiting decision on dates of the trip for next summer.

 2018 Updates:

1.  We have set the dates for our trip for this summer.  We will be residing on the campus of Nazareth Hospital and look forward to seeing what God has planned for us with work there.  Dr. Smith with helping with patient care along with educational projects being planned.  Autumn will be helping along with Haylee at Nazareth Village which is next to the hospital and volunteering at the hospital also.  Haylee, who is 5 years old, is looking forward to getting to be a shepherdess at the Nazareth Village and finally getting to see Mozi, a special donkey there.  You can find out more about the Nazareth Village by checking out their website.

2.  We have the finances needed for the trip and are asking for donations to be given to Nazareth Hospital to help with the purchase of a CT scanner needed by the hospital.  If one has symptoms of a possible stroke, a diagnosis is needed immediately to be treated in the best possible way. Without this, permanent paralysis or even death could be the outcome. When every second counts, quick and local access to expert care really makes a difference to a person’s quality of life after suffering a stroke.  The hospital already has a team of amazing doctors and nurses who know how to deliver this life-saving care. They have recently received agreement from the Israeli Ministry of Health to carry out specialist stroke procedures. However, the vital piece of equipment now needed is a brand-new state-of-the-art CT scanner. This scanner saves lives as it is crucial for accurate diagnosis of the type of stroke suffered, but it comes at a cost of $600,000. Without it, Nazareth’s stroke victims cannot receive the immediate care they need, and usually have to be transferred outside of Nazareth losing the precious time that could save their life.  100% of funds donated to Saint Pantaleon Foundation from March up until the time of the trip will be given to the hospital upon arrival in Nazareth.  

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Current Ministry Projects

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